Project Vision

To transform the site into a vibrant and high-quality community hub that responds to the diverse needs and aspirations of families and community of Mount Hawthorn, allowing them to live, shop and connect in a convenient and high-quality destination.

We have developed the following project objectives to inform the planning of the site and underpin its future potential as a revitalised site.

Regenerates a dilapidated and unused site into a vibrant, high-quality destination

Provides offerings for families, singles, couples and more

Caters to people at all stages in life

Offers more diverse living options for people of all ages

Invests significantly in the local economy, supports local business and provides training and employment opportunities for our community

Responds to and integrates with, the local street, neighbourhood and community

Delivers what people need for the future, while recognising character and spirit of the area

Is attractive, enticing and well-designed

Provides spaces to relax and engage with others

Delivers great shopping options

Is safely accessible by car, bike and foot

Is sustainable through the use of contemporary, environmentally sensitive design