The Site & Project Team

Where is the site?

The site is located at 387 Oxford Street, Mount Hawthorn, approximately 3km northwest of the Perth CBD. The site is located between the intersections of Oxford Street and ANZAC Road and Oxford Street and Scarborough Beach Road (Axford Park)

The use of the site has evolved over time. Click here to read more about the site’s history.

Who is the project team?

This project will be delivered by a team of local professionals committed to a high-quality development, that responds to the aspirations of the Mount Hawthorn community now and into the future.
The project team is comprised of:

    • Stefan Jujnovich (Owner)
    • DMG Architecture (Architects)
    • Planning Solutions (Town Planners)
    • Creating Communities (Community Engagement)

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The Planning Process

What uses are being considered for the site?

The site will be a mixed-use precinct, which will include residential accommodation, community amenity and shops/services. The development will also seek to provide a key anchor tenant of benefit to the community.
Planning for these elements including the preferred shops and services will be informed by engagement with stakeholders and the community.


Why is a mixed-use development proposed for the site?

The project team believe that this important cosmopolitan street can benefit from further activation at the Northern end.
By enabling more people to live within the heart of the high street it will provide additional residents and foot traffic to engage with local businesses, where they can access shops and services at their doorstep.


What are some of the proposed features of the redevelopment of the site?

The project will provide:

  • High-quality built form designs that respond to the local context, while considering the future needs of the community
  • Residential accommodation that provides additional residents to support local businesses
  • Commercial (e.g. retail; hospitality) offerings including a larger anchor tenant
  • Activation of the streetscape to bring more life to the area
  • The opportunity for art/sculpture to engage and connect with the history of the site and reflect the aspirations of the community
  • High quality landscaping
  • Provision of community gathering spaces

What sort of accommodation is being considered?

The project team is looking at high quality apartment style accommodation of varying sizes to cater for people from all walks of life. By enabling more people to live in the heart of the high street it will provide additional residents to engage with local businesses, where they can access shops and services at their doorstep.

By providing more diverse housing options in Mt Hawthorn there is the opportunity for households to “right size” in the area. In this case, smaller and younger households have more options to reside in Mount Hawthorn, while older “empty nester” households also have more choice to remain in the suburb if they wish to downsize from a family home.

Providing additional apartment accommodation reduces the need to cater to population growth via suburban subdivision and the resultant removal of backyards and tree canopy in the local area. It also allows rejuvenation of the suburb by catering to households at different life stages.


Is it proposed to demolish the current buildings?

Subject to planning approvals, the current buildings are planned to be demolished as they are not in a condition that can be repurposed for future use.

During construction a management plan will be implemented to minimise disruption to businesses and surrounding residents.


How would the planning process consider traffic and car parking?

The management of vehicular access and car parking on site is a high priority in the planning process. With any potential future redevelopment of the site it is proposed that resident parking would be provided onsite and not on the local streets.

A comprehensive transport assessment will be undertaken by a traffic engineer on behalf of the Project Team, in consultation with City of Vincent and Main Roads, as part of the development Application process.


Will there be a focus on sustainability?

It is the intent of the design team to establish a highly sustainable development that reduces environmental impacts, limits carbon production and lessens costs to residents and businesses.

The design and layout of the site will focus on providing easy access for sustainable transport options including access to public transport, a pleasant pedestrian environment and options for cyclists. Additionally, recharging stations for electric vehicles will be provided.

Building treatments and orientation will seek to optimise solar access and reduce heat impacts to shared and communal areas. Additional initiatives will include water capture and the provision of low energy devices.


How will the designs reflect the history of the site?

Through the design process, consideration will be given to opportunities for public art and interpretive designs in the development. This will be informed by the engagement with businesses, residents and stakeholders. These aspects will ensure the culture and history of Mount Hawthorn is celebrated, whilst also adding additional interest and amenity to the development.

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